6 Ways To Outsmart Your Hungry Brain

500 calories of processed junk versus 500 calories of protein and veggies

After reading Stephan Guyenet’s excellent book, The Hungry Brain, you come away being less surprised that two out of three people in countries like the US and the UK are overweight or obese.

He argues that “overeating and obesity are caused by a mismatch between ancient survival circuits in the brain and an environment that sends these circuits the wrong messages.”

In other words, when we were hunter gatherers in an environment where food was scarce, a calorie-seeking brain improved our chances of survival. But, today, when faced with wall-to-wall sugary breakfast cereals in a 20,000 square feet supermarket, this same brain becomes a liability.

The food we eat today takes minimal effort to locate and prepare whilst being far more calorie-dense, and highly-palatable than anything our ancestors ate.

This combined with chronic stress, sleep deprivation and an aversion to physical activity, have made overeating and its resulting excess body fat the new normal.

The infographic below highlights the 6 concrete actions that Guyenet identifies in his book that you can take to make your brain less hungry and your body less fat.

View the Hungry Brain infographic as a PDF

6 ways to outsmart your hungry brain

View the Hungry Brain infographic as a PDF